Winter 2018 Newsletter

Hello Fellow Program Directors,

As Faith Race passes the torch, I want to thank her for the wonderful work she has completed during her three-year term. Her contribution to updating the COTP website, initiating periodic teleconferences, representing us at the national HOSA meeting, and gathering, organizing and submitting our input on the new accreditation standards, are just some of the projects she spearheaded on our behalf. I want to thank her personally for her leadership, insights, encouragement, and friendship. I know I am stepping into some big shoes.

Having been a program director for less than seven years, I am both honored and humbled to have an opportunity to serve the members of COTP. I am honored to work with so many people who have worked hard and have done so much to advance public awareness of this career and further the cause of formal training programs for Allied Ophthalmic Personnel (AOP). I am humbled to serve those of you who, through the years, have inspired me, taught me, and more recently, given me so many helpful ideas for my program.

What impresses me most about our COTP community is the talent, wisdom, and passion of its membership. As program directors, we all face many of the same challenges and issues. Often, solutions to our challenges and issues may be found simply by tapping the collective resources of our group. We’ve made progress, and if we continue the momentum of developing our network of communication, supporting each other, sharing ideas and innovations, and promoting formal training programs…well, there’s just no telling what this small, but impressive, group will do.

I am pleased and eager to serve you, so in the words of Jerry Maguire, “Help me, help you!”

All my best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

Deborah K. Smith, BS, COMT
COTP President

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