Membership Questions Answered


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What is the annual fee for COTP membership?


Does an ophthalmic training program have to be accredited to become a member?

A program must be accredited, or be in the process of being accredited, to become a member.

What accrediting body is accepted by COTP?

The International Council of Accreditation (ICA).

What level does an ophthalmic training program need to be to become a member?

COTP welcomes all four levels of training programs: ophthalmic non-clinical assistant, ophthalmic clinical assistant, ophthalmic technician, and ophthalmic medical technologist.

How many members of COTP are there?

COTP has twenty-five accredited ophthalmic training program members and is increasing every year.

How many delegates can a member appoint to represent their program in COTP?

You may appoint at least one, but no more than three, delegates to represent your program in COTP.

When is COTP’s Annual Meeting?

COTP’s annual meeting is held each fall either virtually or in person.

Benefit Questions Answered

Does COTP conduct a Program Director/Instructor Salary Survey?

COTP conducts a Program Director/Instructor salary survey. As a member you would have access to the results of this survey.

Does COTP have an online sharing and networking site?

Members of COTP can upload PowerPoint presentations, handouts, quizzes and exams, and download all of these materials from other COTP members. Members can also chat and network online with fellow COTP members.

Does COTP have a newsletter?

COTP offers a newsletter that gives our members the opportunity to share graduation stories and news surrounding their ophthalmic training programs.

Is COTP a sponsoring organization of ICA?

Yes. COTP holds two full voting seats on ICA’s Board of Directors. COTP is very involved in shaping the ophthalmic training program accreditation process.


Yes. COTP’s presence on the Council affords training programs with a voice on issues that are of prime concern surrounding certification for Allied Ophthalmic Personnel (AOP).

General Questions Answered

What is COTP’s mission?

COTP is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, including but not limited to, promoting growth of ophthalmic training programs and awareness of ophthalmic medical personnel through communication and interaction with groups affecting ophthalmic training programs.

Is COTP a Non-profit organization?

Yes, COTP is a 501(c)(3) non- profit organization.

Who can I contact to ask questions about COTP membership?

If you have any questions contact us at 651-731-7222 or 800-284-3937 or via email at [email protected]